Pay By SMS

In an effort to reduce the need for in vehicle hardware, transactions, and general ease of use for customers. We developed a safe, secure and accurate system to capture a payment method, authorize to ensure funding and complete a charge either in advance or during the ride.

Seamless Integration

Customers are able to setup payment method up to 24 hours in advance of their scheduled trip. After setting up payment they no longer have to wait at their destination to manually process payment.


Safe and Secure

Customers are provided with a encypted weblink to register their card for payment. That card and data is never stored in your system or ours reducing liability.

Payment method is authorized for a fixed amount or if provided with a destination an estimated fare. This ensures proper funds are available.

Other security features are embedded to prevent fraud and chargebacks.

Gratuity Selection

Customers can select a gratuity amount in advance of their ride and adjust that amount at any point prior to the completion of their trip. This encourages improved customer service levels from drivers. Drivers are only made aware of the gratuity amount after the trip is completed.

In-Vehicle Payments

Do you have street hail trips or drivers working out an airport or other location with walk-up customers? We have a solution for that. Simply install signage with a message to either text your main number a special code or scan a QR code while being transported and the trip will update with the customers phone number and they will automatically be sent the link to make the payment on their phone.

Reduced Maintenance and Costs

Let get real equipment is costly to install, requires continous maintenance and often requires minimum processing per month. Eliminate these expenses instantly.